FEBUKO field experiments


The FEBUKO experiments at the three research sites in the Thuringian Forest were carried out in the autumn of 2001 and 2002, respectively, to characterize the aerosol and cloud water with respect to their chemical composition and their physical properties. The speciation of organic components was one of the most important tasks for the different size classes of the particle phase and in cloud water. The air masses encountered in the experimental region are of anthropogenically influenced origin and have then been exposed to biogenic emissions on their way from the Rhein-Main area to the Thuringian Forest.

Three-dimensional perspective of the LM-topography of the Thuringian Forest and adjacent areas with a grid interval of 1,12 km (altitutes from the GTOPO30-data set of the USGS).

At the two valley measurement sites (Goldlauter (GL) - upwind site, 605 m asl, and Gehlberg (GB) - downwind site, 732 m asl) and at the mountain site (Schmücke (SM), 937 m asl) a complex set of meteorological parameters, trace gas components, cloud parameters and particle characteristics was determined. The sampling of particles using filter samplers and impactors for the chemical constitution measurements was carried out at the valley stations together with measurements of particle number concentrations, size distributions and hygroscopic properties. On top of a 20 m research tower a variety of different cloud water samplers were operated on the Schmücke. The interstitial aerosol and the cloud droplet residues were collected and physically characterized by mean of a counterflow virtual impactor (CVI) and an inlet to interstitial particles (INT) as well. The flow connection between the three stations is an important prerequisite for the whole experiment. Hence, special tracer experiments, measurements of number and size distribution of particles as well as trace gas concentrations were performed. In addition, the synoptic experimental conditions were carefully investigated and flow simulations for the complex terrain area are currently in progress.
Investigation area and microphysical model results for the supersaturation (blue line) and the LWC (red line) for the cloud event on the 27.-th October 2001.
Horizontal cross section of the topography with wind barbs at the surface plotted at every third grid point for the 112 km x 112 km LM-domain with a grid interval of 1,12 km for 2.10.2001, 12:00 UTC. (left) and 26.10.2001, 11:00 UTC (right). Wind speeds are in knots.
Photos from the field campaign 10/11-2001

Photo 1:
Measurement tower at the Schmücke-Station with BTU- and ZUF-Van
(Photo:Konrad Müller)
Photo 2:
Measurement rack and aerosol sampler at the valley-station Gehlberg
(Photo: Yoshiteru Iinuma)
Photo 3:
Measurement container at the valley-station Goldlauter
(Photo: Yoshiteru Iinuma)
Photo 4:
View from the Schmücke-Station to Suhl
(Photo: Konrad Müller)
Photo 5:
Cloudwater sampler
(Photo: Yoshiteru Iinuma)
Photo 6:
Meteorological measurement and gas sampler inlet
(Photo: Yoshiteru Iinuma)
Photo 7:
Impactor-inlet at the valley-station Gehlberg
(Photo: Yoshiteru Iinuma)
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