FEBUKO subprojects

Joint research project
Title: Field investigations of budgets and conversions of particle phase organics in troposphere cloud processes
Principal investigator: Hartmut Herrmann, Institute für Troposphärenforschung (IfT), Leipzig
Coordination: Hartmut Herrmann, Gabriele Zech
Title: Physico-chemical characterization of air, particles and cloud water in cloud experiments
Principal investigator: Hartmut Herrmann and Alfred Wiedensohler, IfT Leipzig
Working group: Erika Brüggemann, Thomas Gnauk, Konrad Müller, Diane Galgon, Katrin Lehmann, Andreas Maßling, Andreas Nowak, Alfred Wiedensohler and Hartmut Herrmann
>>first results
Title: Phase partitioning of biogenic and antropogenic aerosol components and of volatile organic compounds in clouds: influence on cloud formation and consequences after the dispersal of clouds
Principal investigator: Stephan Mertes, IfT Leipzig
Working group: Erika Brüggemann, Thomas Gnauk, Konrad Müller, Antje Plewka and Stephan Mertes
>>first results
Title: Partitioning and modification of organic and reactive compounds in the aerosol and cloud water phase during cloud processing
Principal investigator: Wolfgang Wieprecht, Brandenburgische Technische Universität (BTU), Cottbus
Working group: Karin Acker, Detlev Möller and Wolfgang Wieprecht
>>first results
Title: Aerosol particles and cloud droplets as source of peroxiradicals and hydrogenperoxid - Photochemistry in atmospheric multiphase systems in the presents of organic chromophores
Principal investigator: Wolfgang Jaeschke, Johann Wolfgang Goethe- Universität Frankfurt, Zentrum für Umweltforschung (ZUF)
Working group: Werner Haunold and Wolfgang Jaeschke
>>first results
Title: Analysis of organic species (aldehydes, ketones and organic acids) in single droplets for investigation of the related aerosol size and the contribution of cloud scavenging
Principal investigator: Knut Bächmann, Technische Universität Darmstadt (TUD)
Working group: Helge Kramberger, Birgit Svrcina and Knut Bächmann
>>first results
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